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By Dean | Market Profile

Oct 07
Dear Traders,
I am so excited for all of you who have been thoughtful, to join this blog. I welcome you with all my heart and promise you that I will do whatever it takes to help you Get That Trading Edge, to take your trading to the next level.
But first let me share something about my self. I am a trader myself for last decade plus 2 years. I believe me I have been through almost all the phases an enthusiastic learner of the trading craft can go through. I have gone through Classical Technical Analysis (TA), Neoclassical TA, Modern TA, Indicators ( Stochastic, RSI, MACD, ADX, et all), Elliott Wave Theory, Neowave, Black Box Trading Systems, Discretionary Trading, Systems Trading and much much more. 
I have tasted trading success and have had my share of learnings too, and more often than not form the very obvious and cruel process of losing money to the markets. I have been through the frustrations of seeing trading systems fail, missing big moves, jumping from system to system, indicator to indicator, only to find that all these things just stop working after some time and you feel lost in the deluge of TA information available today on the internet, the best selling books on TA, online courses and the like.
Sometimes I even felt like quitting it altogether and get a “job”, like the one I left back in 2005 ( a very reputed automobile company, seems only natural for my degree of Mechanical Engineering)! But this universe works in a funny way, no matter how hard I tried to get a job I could not bring myself to it, after trying to get a job for sometime, I came to a conclusion that I wont be able to do it, and decided to focus all my attention back on trading.
This time though I decided to find out what exactly I did wrong and then try to fix my mistakes and learn from them and move forward. I found that the technical stuff all the systems, indicators, trading methods, analysis methods are only a part of the solution , the big picture! There are many important aspects to trading other than mere technical stuff.
I realized after much pain and non stop efforts that there are following important aspects to being a good trader, they are,
and behold for the worst of them all, but probably the most important one,
and the following graphic shows their individual combinations to your overall success (I have deliberately avoided the numbers here, they will come later)!
Trading Success Contributions

Now let me get back to my original point, why this blog?

And the no 1 reason is to share my understandings, my learnings, my experiences from my journey so far with those who are starting out or have already started and especially for those who don’t know which stage of development they are of becoming a successful trader.
Okay then, let us be a part of this journey together and reach our coveted destination of becoming a successful trader.
I will help YOU get that trading edge!

About the Author

Dean is a full-time trader and mentor, with experience of over 12 years. He trades using Market Profile and Order Flow Charts. Dean absolutely loves to trade. He says “matching my wits against other traders is the most exciting game ever and I get paid to play”. He also likes sharing his learnings and mentoring committed traders.