How do you trade Nifty and Bank Nifty?

Learn how to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty Share Price via Market Profile Charts and Order Flow Charts.

Using Auction Market Theory Principles.

See how to spot trades on Nifty Share Price and Banknifty Share Price Chart via real time Slack Updates, not in hindsight.

Use Market Profile Charts and Order Flow Charts to create Potential Auction Paths aka Hypos for tomorrows trading, Step by Step.

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How we traded Nifty Share Price and Banknifty Share Price today?

Slack Update 1

Both the indices opened inside YR and were moving sideways in the early trade. There was a potential FA above YH in Nifty. Whereas Banknifty was showing a weak high, as todays high matched YH. A low confidence open and due to the FA on Nifty there was a possibility to test some of the lower references, marked on the charts.

Banknifty Market Profile Charts

Nifty Market Profile Charts

Slack Update 2

While both indices did the lower targets, what was more important was the shape the profile formed while doing this. There was a distinct ‘q’ shape on both the indices. And that meant we were trading too far away from the established value area. Always an opportunity of a snap back rally is there in this case.

Nifty Market Profile Charts

Banknifty Market Profile Charts

Slack Update 3

We traded back to the developing value areas on account of the ‘q’ pattern. So we basically had 2 opportunities today, with high probability setups, courtesy Market Profile Charts.

Banknifty Market Profile Charts

Nifty Market Profile Charts

Closing Update

Yesterdays close at the extreme did not give a higher opening, on the other hand we got a PH on Banknifty. Consequently we developed a sideways day today. Where as Nifty developed a NEC [Neutral Center] Day. Nifty is clearly in balance going into the close.

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How to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty Share Price tomorrow?

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Banknifty has a weak ref at todays high. So a repair of that high is in order. Also we have rejection at lower levels. But the whole of todays profile is contained within YR, so cant put much faith in the tail we have at lows today.

Nifty was also consolidating around YPOC. An attempt to mark down the price midday was rejected. But the late rally is looking more like a ‘P’, ie. short covering. Lot of accumulated references around todays high, and the FA in the morning, did give a spike down, but could not pull the value down.

Nifty Potential Auction paths [PAP]

Banknifty Potential Auction Paths [PAP]

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Instead of 1st hour, first 30 minutes i.e 15 min time frame would have given a better and clear entry point , confirmed by other indicators for a short entry around 9637 for NF and 23300 for BNF. As I understand the time frame of 30 minutes was arrived at by CBOT primarily for commodities futures market where the operating hours are longer. So why not keep the profile to 15 minute TF and IB at 30 minutes for NSE? Make sense?


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