Note: Following are the tools I personally use. These tools are offered by respective companies and not by GTTE. Please contact individual product companies via the links provided for more details.

Market Profile & Order Flow Charts

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Pre-loaded default settings, Option of Change letter color
Volume based Point of Control, Option of candlestick bars shown,Profilescale can be scrolled vertically,Split and merge profiles…….


Bell Order Flow is the next generation of technical analysis. Built out of a need to see beneath price movement – to see why price was moving. The program aggregates millions of trades into useful visualizations that enable you to see how buyers and sellers are striking into the market auction. BOF reveals market sentiment and shows you whether buyers or sellers are winning the battle.
The Bell Order Flow is a toolkit of optimized order flow and volume visualization. Time and sales data – which is impossible to decipher in its raw form – instantly transform into customizable graphic displays. For decades retail traders have relied on indicators based upon historical data. The Bell Order Flow changes the trading style to allow you to see the conviction of market participants in the moment…….

Real Time Data For Ninja Trader

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