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Market Profile

Market Profile is fast becoming the buzzword amongst traders.

Right from “it was a tool designed to understand the activity of floor traders” to “it tells you what the Smart Money is doing”, are doing the rounds.

But what is Market Profile? How to trade using Market Profile? What are Market Profile Basics?

And many such questions come to mind. There are tons of resources on the Internet, but many of them lack an Exact Framework to put to use this fascinating tool. More often than not all these resources confuse a trader and the trader ends giving up on this great opportunity to become consistently profitable.

Here at GTTE, we are committed to providing you with Quality Content on the subjects of Market Profile, Order Flow, VSA, Wyckoff, Auction market Theory and much more.

We take our inspiration from great traders and educators who lead by example. Richard Wyckoff, Tom Williams, Peter Steidlmayer and James Dalton to name a few. We stand on their shoulders to pursue our dream of becoming consistently profitable traders.

So I welcome you on behalf of GTTE. Join us on this fascinating journey of discovering and re-discovering Market Profile!