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Tools We Use To Analyze Markets

Market Profile

Peter Steidlmayer proposed organizing market data using Market Profile Framework. He took time as constant and price as variable. When we organize data in this format we get the familiar bell shaped curve profile. Later James Dalton popularized the concept.

Order Flow

When we use Market Profile Charts we see what is happening inside of each days trading. That provides us with context to base our trading decision on. But Order Flow Charts let us look behind that and go even deeper. We can observe the struggle between the buyers and sellers in real time and decide who is getting the upper hand.

Volume Profile

Market Profile Charts plot time against price. Where as Volume Profile Charts plot Volume against Time. This gives us a novel perspective over which levels in the markets are attracting more business and which are being rejected. Combining Market Profile and Volume Profile Charts reveals a multi-dimensional picture of the markets to the vigilant observer.

Volume Spread Analysis

Popularized by the legendary syndicate trader Tom Williams. Based on the original work of yet another legend Richard Wyckoff, VSA as it is fondly called is the best tool there is to understand the trading done by Smart Money. Tom suggested that following the Smart Money in the markets is probably the only way you can consistently make money.

This How We Deliver Content

What Do We Do?

We trade Indian Markets using Auction Market Theory [AMT] Principles. We use following tools to execute trades based on AMT Principles. These principles are eternal and are applicable to any type markets, financial or not.

How Do We Do It?

We provide mentoring to committed traders. Our objective is to share what we have learnt with those who are serious about learning. There are multiple channels we use to this effect.

Market Profile Blog

Daily report covering days market development and Potential Auction path for tomorrow.


Online Trading Courses covering all the tools we use. Viz Market Profile, Order Flow, VSA, Volume Profile and more.

Youtube Channel

We post a daily video log of the days market development on our channel Dean market Profile.

Slack Group

You can interact with me and get your trading related doubts cleared. And the best part its Free.

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Chief mentor

Dean has over 12 years of experience trading in Indian Financial Markets. He uses Market Profile as primary tool for analyzing the markets. Market Profile provides the context in which current market development is occuring.  Once the context is clear Trade Timing Tools such as Order Flow and Volume Spread Analysis are used to pin point low risk Trade Locations.

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