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Welcome to Get That Trading Edge (GTTE), an education company which strives provide high quality training to avid traders and investors. We help you learn the craft of trading successfully in today’s age of highly volatile and unpredictable markets. Our primary tool is Market Profile.

Services Offered

We use following ways to help you on your learning curve to becoming an expert trader,

  1. Market Profile Trading Courses. (Coming Soon)
  2. Daily YouTube EOD Video Log on Days Trading Action and Potential Auction Paths for Tomorrow’s Trading.
  3. A Market profile Blog filled with Market Profile Goodies..
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Our JourneyMarket Profile

We reached this stage through a very long journey. Going through numerous technical analysis tools, indicators, pattern recognition techniques such as Elliot Waves, Harmonics, etc.

While these tools certainly have a lot of merit and there are many ace traders using them to earn consistent profitability. I found my niche in Market Profile. The early encounter with Market Profile was definitely not smooth, where I got caught up in finding repeating patterns. That approach led me to where I have been previously, frustration!


Market Profile

Then after much thinking and self evaluation I finally got my head around the MarketProfile Concept. It was never about the shapes and patterns, but about the logic behind them. The logic comes from Auction Market Theory and Wyckoff Market Cycle Phases.

Once I got this breakthrough the rest of the journey was a breeze. The next logical step is to share this knowledge with serious traders like you, who want to make a mark. Who are ready to put in the efforts required to reach the much coveted state of consistent profitability.


How do you benefit from using Market Profile?Market Profile

Market Profile is the corner stone of our analysis. We use Market Profile because of its unique feature of providing Complete Information. Once you get used to this kind of analysis, you will be trading with the complete picture and not bits and pieces.

It becomes easier to understand the logic behind the market moves. And the most important of all is that you can find out when Smart Money is entering or exiting the markets. Moreover time your trades along with the Smart Money and not getting trapped on the wrong side of them.






As mentioned earlier we use these 5 services to put our point across, and currently all these services are free.

Our “Market Profile – Gateway To Profits!” course is coming soon, till that time you can avail the rest of our services and be a part of this budding community! And learn #DeanMarketProfile and #DeanOrderFlow to #GetThatTradingEdge!

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